Family Travel

This is what I now call vacations – family travel. It is completely different than the vacations that my husband and I used to take before we had kids. The day isn’t as packed to the brim with plans, and dinners no longer last for hours. Instead there is fun mornings in hotels snuggling in king size beds with kids, seeking out coffee shops for coffee and a morning snack for the kids when they wake at 5:30am. We plan outings around naps and take extra long drives so that the little ones can get a little more sleep before we head out on an adventure. We seek out family friendly dinners, where a couple cheerios on the floor are okay, and then we enjoy carting exhausted, sleeping children from the rental car thru the hotel lobby back to our room. As parents we fall tired into bed and prepping for the next day. Our recent travels took us to San Diego. Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and Horses. Enjoying this with my kids was awesome! Enjoy…

Love these faces

I can’t deny it… these faces make me happy. It’s been such a joy to watch these two become pals. I can already tell that they are gonna scheme against me some day. It will be great… Enjoy.

It’s Spring

Time to throw your shoes in the air… :)


Nine Months and we are overwhelmed with cuteness. Enjoy.

Typical Morning

Lately I’ve been doing all I can to soak up the typical moments in my day. The actions that happen all the time, the actions that I worry if I don’t celebrate I will forget about and regret I didn’t do more with. Time seems to move so fast… perhaps having kids makes me realize that even more. But I worry that I won’t capture these typical, repeated moments of my day. I don’t want to forget about them. That is one of the perks of being home with my kids; I get to enjoy the day-to-day. The interactions, while not necessarily noteworthy, are what make each day. With that… these images are a piece of my typical day. A piece of the day that I love… our little lady loves to crawl over to the windows on the side of our front door and watch the activity outside. As you can see she always has the company of our dog or her big brother. Her big brother likes to point things out to her as they both stand and watch. I love it and I look forward to watching their relationship as the grow. Enjoy a little bit of my day…

looking back

Twenty-ten was a good one. We welcomed our daughter to our home, our son continues to amaze us with his sense of humor, thoughtfulness, and athletic ability. We went on a wonderful family vacation and spent memorable and meaningful time with family and friends. I continually was reassured that toting my camera around and taking pictures personally and professionally brings me great joy and happiness.  I have loved taking families pictures and feel so grateful that I am able to do this. It is a joy to spend time with all of them. For this fantastic year I thank my family and friends; and thank my husbands and kids for all their encouragement and support. In looking through the images from this year hear are a smattering of some of them which stood out to me. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Day off with Daddy

Tamman Family

It is always wonderful to catch up with folks I haven’t seen in a while. And when I get to see them multiple times in a few weeks and take pictures of their wonderful growing family it is essentially an early Christmas gift for me. I had the pleasure and fun of interacting with them in their home a couple weeks back. Homes all decorated up for the holidays always excite me. The tree with sparkling lights, stockings hung, and little trinkets decorating the walls, shelves, and end tables showing little tidbits of family traditions.  And this family had some of the greatest holiday gifts – two fabulous children.  Had a great time! Enjoy the images!


I’ve had to wait months to show off some of these images. For my Dad’s birthday we gathered up all the grandkids for some pictures. It didn’t take long to get some good shots and it was so much fun to see all the kids personalities come through in the pictures. Family is fantastic… I am a very lucky and very blessed by my family. Being able to snap some pictures of them was such a privilege. Enjoy!

Cousins 011
Cousins 004
Cousins 034
Cousins 024

Big Brother

My son is a terrific big brother. He is a typical rambunctious boy who loves to run, wrestle, get dirty, etc. But, when it comes to his little sister his is completely gentle, kind, and a sweetheart. Always asking if she’s okay, picking up her socks when they fall off, giving her kisses and hugs constantly. For me this image is a perfect example of how he loves her. I can only begin to imagine what type of protector he is going to be as he grows up.

Family September 2010 875 copy

Koons Family // Lincoln Park

It is always fantastic to have the privilege to take photos for the same family more than once. Seeing how children grow, and being able to watch the family grow together and more in love with each other is a wonderful treat. My husband and I are lucky to call this family friends. I give most of the credit for that to my husband who has been friends with Dustin since High School. It was a slightly chilly evening for the pictures but we still had a great time. Trying to get their two year old to glance at me was a challenge; but the little girl was ready any time the camera lens pointed her direction. But I was very much reminded of my home life – a never stop moving, must keep exploring 2 year old and a mellow, melt your heart adorable little girl. Some of these photos are my most favorite that I have taken. Something about them just makes me happy and warm and fuzzy on the inside. The first three pictures posted was taken in a sequence. I love it – Daddy and his little girl.

Thanks for letting me share an evening with you guys – the pleasure was all mine! Enjoy!

Koons Family 10072010 073
Koons Family 10072010 074
Koons Family 10072010 075

Koons Family 10072010 057
Koons Family 10072010 103
Koons Family 10072010 115
Koons Family 10072010 125
Koons Family 10072010 183
Koons Family 10072010 154
Koons Family 10072010 176
Koons Family 10072010 193
Koons Family 10072010 209
Koons Family 10072010 232
Koons Family 10072010 254

Schulte Family // Magnolia

It is always fun to see how much kids have grown since the last time I’ve taken their pictures. I think taking family pictures is a great way to mark the passing of time – I just feel lucky that I’ve been able to take their photos twice now. These kids have gotten even more adorable over the past year – which I didn’t think was possible. I had a great time at Discovery Park – thanks for taking the time. Hopefully we can do it again next year! Enjoy!

Schulte Family_09122010 042Schulte Family_09122010 055

Schulte Family_09122010 050Schulte Family_09122010 114

Schulte Family_09122010 030

Schulte Family_09122010 075

Schulte Family_09122010 165

Schulte Family_09122010 001
Schulte Family_09122010 099Schulte Family_09122010 196

One Year

Ruby 1 year 032

Oh man… She’s one. I can’t believe it. It has been such a privilege to capture her through the lens of my camera multiple times in her first year. Additionally it has been great to see the love her parents shower her with grow and grow over time. You can completely tell that she has the both of them wrapped around her finger. For a glance back at her younger self  – Precious Ruby. Friends thank you for the fun, the friendship, and allowing me to snap photos of little Ruby. Enjoy!

Ruby 1 year 059Ruby 1 year 290

Ruby 1 year 293Ruby 1 year 111

Ruby 1 year 164

Ruby 1 year 148Ruby 1 year 232Ruby 1 year 198Ruby 1 year 275


At the golf course the other day taking pictures and after we were done me and my son went to the putting green. This image makes me happy on so many levels. My son is happy, the weather was great, he was doing something that he thought was fantastic, and I got to stand there beaming as the proud parent. My husband jokes that if he one day becomes a pro golfer that this shot will be shown as an example of his early beginnings. Perhaps… but for now I will cherish it as a great memory and moment.

Family February 2010 321

Simple gift

I was completely flattered. My husband and I were invited to a first birthday party for a friends son. We walked into the party and being me I had my camera slung over my shoulder and was asked by our friends to take some pictures to help capture the event. The request was completely flattering and instantly I tried to figure out how I would take pictures and run around after my son. Big thank you to my husband for handling the majority of that duty while at the party. I don’t even know if he got a piece of birthday cake! Luckily I was able to capture some nice moments – moments I hope that their son can look at when he is older and see how many people came to celebrate him on his 1 year milestone.

So I say thank you for asking me; during this holiday season it was a great gift. I hope that everyone receives and appreciates the simple gifts this holiday season. I’ll leave you with a shot of the birthday boy with this post.

My adorable niece

Had the complete joy of photographing my niece. She is pretty much too cute for words. She was also a very good sport while taking photos. She very much wanted to be doing anything but smiling for me. Her energy is completely contagious – my hope is that I was able to capture that! Thanks niece Bridgette… can’t wait to come and play again soon!

Welcome to the new site!

I’ve decided on a new look for my website/blog.

Simon Says… ENJOY!

Hillsboro OR – Family Photos

Where to begin…? Erin has known me since my awkward teenage/high school years as I am good friends with her sister. But not until recently did we have much more in common than that. Within weeks of each other both of us were blessed to have premature baby boys. My son was six weeks early and If memory serves me, within two weeks of my son being born her baby boy was born ten weeks early. The four week difference between six and ten weeks is HUGE. Needless to say, over this little guy’s first year he has shown strength, tenacity and an incredible fiesty spirit as he has been in and out of the hospital. I have been able to follow their story over the last year via friends and their family blog. So when Erin and I were able to set up a time for family pictures I was so excited to see them and this little man which I have heard so much about.

This family just gets better – in addition to their amazing son they have an adorable little girl. This little girl is too cute – I basically did my best to keep up with her as she ran around the park. It was obvious that  through the hard times they have endured as a family they have a closeness and a joy for life and each other which I was privileged to see. I had so much fun. Thank you for letting me share some time with the family – enjoy the images!



Family photos in Edmonds

I met up with some college friends on Saturday for  a small family photo session. While they told me their daughter was not in her normal happy mood it was still a great time and good pictures. I know that they were worried that there weren’t going to be good pictures – but have no fear guys!

A girl has got to have her animal crackers

They were doing all they could to get their little one to smile. Got to love shots of the parents doing there best… 

The shot below is by far one of my favorites. Such personality coming through. Leading the family through the park. 

A little love for Daddy… 

Hiking up the britches and heading home… Thanks guys. Had a fantastic time.

Almost Spring

There was a touch of sun and a hint of spring this past weekend in Seattle. With the change in the weather and season it’s a perfect time to start thinking about pictures and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery we have in the Northwest. Happy Spring Season everyone!



Fun in the Front Yard

Sometimes some fun in the front yard can result in the opportunity to capture a great moment with a child. I say that to encourage all to remember that a good photo or moment to remember is not typically staged. Sometimes all you need is a Tonka truck and grass. 



Sunny & Cold at Alki Park

It was a little foggy, sunny, and a lot cold! A previous WaMu co-worker and her family ventured over from the eastside to head to West Seattle. All were bundled up for some pictures at Alki elementary School. The youngest was a little upset that he was braving the outside elements but he toughed it through for some good shots. 


Being adventurous, they found a sweet old tree to climb into. 



A good way to start the day… heard that they enjoyed a good meal at the Alki Cafe after our visit. 

At the Park

Took my little one to the park and had a great time!



Enjoying the swings. 

Adorable Girls

Had the privilege to spend some hours playing at the park on a drizzly overcast day. The rain did not stop these two from enjoying themselves. 








Thanks for the fun girls! I had a great time!

Welcome & Thank You

Thank you for visiting. I hope you follow me as I journey into photography. I am a wife, and a mom of an adorable boy. Both my husband and son are my inspiration. I have always loved toting my camera with me wherever I go. For me photographs capture moments in time which communicate memories. 

The path I’ve taken to get to this point, this first entry into my blog, has been inspired by family, friends, and a specific co-worker who encouraged the idea.

My goal is to provide quality photographs at a budget families can afford.  If you enjoy what you see please leave a comment. Without further ado, welcome, thank you, and enjoy!