Two Brothers + Dog = Happy Family

It is always fantastic to meet up with families again. Love seeing the growth, maturity, and same smiles. This time I got an added bonus as they brought their dog along!

Oh adorable

I so love meeting up with families year after year.

Connecting with friends again

It is a privilege to meet up with the same families year after year, and it is even more special when those families are dear friends. These are great folks. I hope they had as much fun as I did. Enjoy!



I wish I had this little guys mad balance skills… more from this one to come. Enjoy

From way back

Oh man… I so enjoy when I am reminded of some of the wonderful people I have been lucky enough to be friends with through the years. When this family reached out to me I was instantly reminded of many high school nights watching movies in basements, late trips to Taco Bell and early morning adventures to Shari’s. And now, grown up from the days of high school sports, dances, and weeknights eating subway sandwiches after soccer games, we have kids. Parents, we are parents. Somedays I still imagine us as those teenagers trying to figure out our way, so the thought of us as parents is baffling. But when I see it in person it is wonderful and I am more and more grateful that my life’s journey continually has me touching base with these folks. Enjoy!

A joy

I look forward to seeing this family… period. Whether it is to casually hang out or to snap some images of their growing family. It is always a joy to see them and capture their kids with my camera. Their little girl has such a spirit – one that will not be bounded and their son – well I can just tell by the twinkle in his eye and his grin that he has something special up his sleeve as well. Thanks friends. Enjoy!

A family comes together

Witnessing a family coming together at a park to play and hang out is always fun. When it is a reunion of sorts with four siblings bringing their individual families together it is priceless. These folks were fantastic. Fun, laughter, smiles, and joy was what I was able to be a spectator to and lucky enough to snap images of. It was great fun. Made me wish for a day far down the road when perhaps I can gather my larger family together for a morning at the park. Enjoy!

Growing up

Getting an email or call from a past client is a great feeling. Meeting with families and interacting with their kids is a true privilege and when you get a call to do it again it is twice the fun. Sort of like an extra dollop of whip cream on a fantastic piece of pumpkin pie. Previously I met them in their backyard and this time at a local park. When these kids came around the corner of the park, running with huge smiles of their faces they seemed so huge. They had definitely grown up and were cuter than I remembered. It was fun and memorable way to spend a beautiful day. Enjoy!

A Mom and her boys

I have a son, and there is most definitely something wonderful about a son. Throwing rocks, chasing birds, and superheroes.  Spending the morning with this momma and her wonderful boys was such a treat for me. Such warm hearted boys who definitely love their mom. Thanks for the fun! Enjoy!

Just Fun

This family was simply put fun. Just fun. Smiles, goofy kids all with different personalities, and a beautiful day. They all seemed so comfortable with each other which was great to observe. But, one of my favorite moments was when the oldest found a stick, which was as big as a small tree, and started swinging away. Priceless! Thanks for joining me at the park – I had a blast! Enjoy!

One family two parks

Sometimes changing scenery when hanging with kids can be such fun. Different aspects of their personalities appear, and they interact with me completely differently. We started at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens which is beautiful and then ended up at a playground right down the street. This was another family when I was so lucky to be taking their pictures again. The kids were, if possible, more cute then when I first met them. But, I loved it. So fantastic to see a family grow. Enjoy!


Enjoying the park

I thoroughly enjoy getting to take pictures of families multiple times. See prior session here. Seeing kids grow over time is so wonderful and entertaining. Personalities begin to emerge, hair styles change, etc. Before we met at their home, this time we ventured out to a local park. Had a great time connecting again. Enjoy!

Backyard Fun

This family was adorable… simply adorable. Rambunctious boys, playing in their backyard, surrounded by people who love them. Sessions like this remind me what a privilege it is to get to take pictures of families. Enjoy!

50 years

I loved this… The family was great! Celebrating 50 years of marriage and taking some time to capture images of their family. I loved this idea – a look at what their family had grown into over the years. You never know where paths will lead in life and nothing is ever exactly has you would’ve planned for yourself. So stopping, taking a moment and letting the camera snap to commemorate a single point in life is a great and, I believe, important activity. It also didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful day in Seattle. The kind of day that makes all tourists think that they would move here in a heartbeat. Enjoy!

Playing in the dirt

One of the things I love about taking pictures, especially of kids, you never really know what will happen. Some kids will give you their cheesiest smile all the time, some will barely glance at you and some kids will act as though you aren’t even there. I think the last is my favorite. During one of the rare sunny days we in Seattle have enjoyed I met with this fantastic family at Discovery Park. Kids happily playing in the dirt and grass. Enjoy!


looking back

Twenty-ten was a good one. We welcomed our daughter to our home, our son continues to amaze us with his sense of humor, thoughtfulness, and athletic ability. We went on a wonderful family vacation and spent memorable and meaningful time with family and friends. I continually was reassured that toting my camera around and taking pictures personally and professionally brings me great joy and happiness.  I have loved taking families pictures and feel so grateful that I am able to do this. It is a joy to spend time with all of them. For this fantastic year I thank my family and friends; and thank my husbands and kids for all their encouragement and support. In looking through the images from this year hear are a smattering of some of them which stood out to me. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Day off with Daddy

Tamman Family

It is always wonderful to catch up with folks I haven’t seen in a while. And when I get to see them multiple times in a few weeks and take pictures of their wonderful growing family it is essentially an early Christmas gift for me. I had the pleasure and fun of interacting with them in their home a couple weeks back. Homes all decorated up for the holidays always excite me. The tree with sparkling lights, stockings hung, and little trinkets decorating the walls, shelves, and end tables showing little tidbits of family traditions.  And this family had some of the greatest holiday gifts – two fabulous children.  Had a great time! Enjoy the images!

Perfect fall day in Seattle

I love living in Seattle, especially when the day is as beautiful as it was when I met up with the San Jule Family. Such a fun afternoon playing at the park. Adorable kids… wait let me say that again – ADORABLE kids,  blue skies, and a swing set. Who doesn’t enjoy a swing set?! It was an all around good time and reminded me why I love taking pictures and spending time with great families.

Thanks for spending part of your day with me! Hope you enjoy!

Koons Family // Lincoln Park

It is always fantastic to have the privilege to take photos for the same family more than once. Seeing how children grow, and being able to watch the family grow together and more in love with each other is a wonderful treat. My husband and I are lucky to call this family friends. I give most of the credit for that to my husband who has been friends with Dustin since High School. It was a slightly chilly evening for the pictures but we still had a great time. Trying to get their two year old to glance at me was a challenge; but the little girl was ready any time the camera lens pointed her direction. But I was very much reminded of my home life – a never stop moving, must keep exploring 2 year old and a mellow, melt your heart adorable little girl. Some of these photos are my most favorite that I have taken. Something about them just makes me happy and warm and fuzzy on the inside. The first three pictures posted was taken in a sequence. I love it – Daddy and his little girl.

Thanks for letting me share an evening with you guys – the pleasure was all mine! Enjoy!

Koons Family 10072010 073
Koons Family 10072010 074
Koons Family 10072010 075

Koons Family 10072010 057
Koons Family 10072010 103
Koons Family 10072010 115
Koons Family 10072010 125
Koons Family 10072010 183
Koons Family 10072010 154
Koons Family 10072010 176
Koons Family 10072010 193
Koons Family 10072010 209
Koons Family 10072010 232
Koons Family 10072010 254

Schulte Family // Magnolia

It is always fun to see how much kids have grown since the last time I’ve taken their pictures. I think taking family pictures is a great way to mark the passing of time – I just feel lucky that I’ve been able to take their photos twice now. These kids have gotten even more adorable over the past year – which I didn’t think was possible. I had a great time at Discovery Park – thanks for taking the time. Hopefully we can do it again next year! Enjoy!

Schulte Family_09122010 042Schulte Family_09122010 055

Schulte Family_09122010 050Schulte Family_09122010 114

Schulte Family_09122010 030

Schulte Family_09122010 075

Schulte Family_09122010 165

Schulte Family_09122010 001
Schulte Family_09122010 099Schulte Family_09122010 196


I’ve got great neighbors. My husband and I were very lucky to move into our home and be surrounded by fantastic people. Meet the Weglin Family – they are one of our fantastic neighbors. A little over a week ago we all went down to the water and enjoyed a lovely evening taking pictures. It wasn’t raining, not too windy, and it was great when the sun would peek out from the behind the clouds occasionally. I had a great time and I hope you enjoy the images. :) I like the  fuzziness of this first image. Probably because as I grow older I am learning that life is fuzzy and imperfect but fantastic at the same time. It just makes me feel happy.

Weglin Family 075Weglin Family 034Weglin Family 037Weglin Family 026Weglin Family 054Weglin Family 092Weglin Family 134Weglin Family 126Weglin Family 147

One Year

Ruby 1 year 032

Oh man… She’s one. I can’t believe it. It has been such a privilege to capture her through the lens of my camera multiple times in her first year. Additionally it has been great to see the love her parents shower her with grow and grow over time. You can completely tell that she has the both of them wrapped around her finger. For a glance back at her younger self  – Precious Ruby. Friends thank you for the fun, the friendship, and allowing me to snap photos of little Ruby. Enjoy!

Ruby 1 year 059Ruby 1 year 290

Ruby 1 year 293Ruby 1 year 111

Ruby 1 year 164

Ruby 1 year 148Ruby 1 year 232Ruby 1 year 198Ruby 1 year 275

Good Friends and New Life

My husband and I are very blessed to have wonderful friends in our lives. Supportive, compassionate, geeky board game playing, laughing so hard your belly hurts, fantastic friends. So we were double lucky to have one of those friends have a little boy within days of the birth of our little girl. As parents and friends, myself and my husband are hoping that the kids get along, make many memories together and create a friendship of their own. I had the fun opportunity of taking some pictures of them at their home. He’s a cute little man with some very proud parents. I look forward to good times together. Enjoy!

A little one

My husband’s high school friend was recently blessed with a little girl. The family already enjoyed a rambunctious little boy so the addition of a sweet baby girl seemed pretty perfect. I met up with the family to take some pics of their two adorable children. The little girl wasn’t in the mood to laugh at my jokes, or even close her eyes for long. She either didn’t trust me or was super curious as to what was going on because most of the shoot she kept one eye open to check me out. Either way she was absolutely adorable. So much fun to meet the sweet little girl just weeks before my husband and I welcome our very own little girl into the world. I am looking forward to family pictures this summer! Thank you guys for letting me spend some of your Saturday with you. You’ve got two great kiddos who I know bring you tons of love and laughter. Happy and healthy wishes for you!

Don’t these pictures just make you wish that someone could toss you in the air just high enough to feel like you were flying for a moment. Pure Joy. :)