A little sister

A few months ago our dear friends welcomed a daughter. And a few months after that a little sister arrived. So wonderful… so incredibly wonderful. I could not be filled with more joy for this family. Enjoy!

Hello little one

Oh little guy… I so look forward to getting to know you! May you always know how loved you are! Enjoy!


Stole my heart

When you know people who have been through a roller coaster of  a ride your heart aches for them. When those people are some of  your best friends, your heart breaks for them. And when prayers are answered you realize you can’t stop smiling for them and your heart bursts with joy for them. This year for our friends is heart bursting. And little Mercy is only the beginning. Love you guys! Enjoy!


Love her

Family July 2010 1075

This little girl lights up my heart each day… two months has gone by too fast.

Good Friends and New Life

My husband and I are very blessed to have wonderful friends in our lives. Supportive, compassionate, geeky board game playing, laughing so hard your belly hurts, fantastic friends. So we were double lucky to have one of those friends have a little boy within days of the birth of our little girl. As parents and friends, myself and my husband are hoping that the kids get along, make many memories together and create a friendship of their own. I had the fun opportunity of taking some pictures of them at their home. He’s a cute little man with some very proud parents. I look forward to good times together. Enjoy!

Our family is smitten

As we continue to spend more and more time with our little girl we fall more head over heals. I’ve taken many pictures and as I go thru them I will place some of my favorites on the site. It is amazing how much happiness and joy such a small person brings to a family and home!

Little Lady

Well, things in my life just got more exciting, and joyful. We welcomed the birth of our second child, a perfect little lady, about four weeks ago now. My son entered this world with much excitement, arriving 6 weeks early and spending the first three weeks of his life in the hospital. That experience was all we knew and to be honest we were a little nervous to take our girl home just 24 hours after her birth. I kept thinking “is everyone sure that she doesn’t need to be hooked up to any monitoring device?”.

This little lady came into the world with a relative calm. My husband and I were shocked with the ease of the delivery. I don’t read too much into this – I don’t think she will be the world easiest child by any means but I believe that God was smiling on us and blessed us with a much less stressful experience.

I’ve had little time to post pictures, but don’t worry I’ve taken many. I know that it is a little belated, but I thought I would start by sharing some of her first pictures before we jump to current. Enjoy!

A little one

My husband’s high school friend was recently blessed with a little girl. The family already enjoyed a rambunctious little boy so the addition of a sweet baby girl seemed pretty perfect. I met up with the family to take some pics of their two adorable children. The little girl wasn’t in the mood to laugh at my jokes, or even close her eyes for long. She either didn’t trust me or was super curious as to what was going on because most of the shoot she kept one eye open to check me out. Either way she was absolutely adorable. So much fun to meet the sweet little girl just weeks before my husband and I welcome our very own little girl into the world. I am looking forward to family pictures this summer! Thank you guys for letting me spend some of your Saturday with you. You’ve got two great kiddos who I know bring you tons of love and laughter. Happy and healthy wishes for you!

Don’t these pictures just make you wish that someone could toss you in the air just high enough to feel like you were flying for a moment. Pure Joy. :)

Henry Family // Kirkland waterfront

I had the pleasure and privilege of taking photos of miss Ruby shortly after she was born. Three months have quickly passed each day with them growing as a tight knit family. So again I felt lucky to be able to share time with them as the holiday season in the northwest begins. We enjoyed a cold but dry morning at the Kirkland waterfront and happily ended our time together enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Thanks guys – best wishes this first holiday season with Ruby!


Precious Ruby

She came into the world at the hands of loving parents and with an army of friends and family so excited to meet her. She decided to arrive right during the heat wave we were having in the northwest so I tried to assure her that things would get better and in no time she could wear some clothes!

I was lucky to photograph her baby shower a few months back. It was such a celebration. I am pretty sure that you will see more of this little girl as she continues to grow. Oh the mischief her and I can get into some day… :) Congrats family – I know how much you already enjoy her presence in your lives!