I’ve got great neighbors. My husband and I were very lucky to move into our home and be surrounded by fantastic people. Meet the Weglin Family – they are one of our fantastic neighbors. A little over a week ago we all went down to the water and enjoyed a lovely evening taking pictures. It wasn’t raining, not too windy, and it was great when the sun would peek out from the behind the clouds occasionally. I had a great time and I hope you enjoy the images. :) I like the  fuzziness of this first image. Probably because as I grow older I am learning that life is fuzzy and imperfect but fantastic at the same time. It just makes me feel happy.

Weglin Family 075Weglin Family 034Weglin Family 037Weglin Family 026Weglin Family 054Weglin Family 092Weglin Family 134Weglin Family 126Weglin Family 147

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