Little Lady

Well, things in my life just got more exciting, and joyful. We welcomed the birth of our second child, a perfect little lady, about four weeks ago now. My son entered this world with much excitement, arriving 6 weeks early and spending the first three weeks of his life in the hospital. That experience was all we knew and to be honest we were a little nervous to take our girl home just 24 hours after her birth. I kept thinking “is everyone sure that she doesn’t need to be hooked up to any monitoring device?”.

This little lady came into the world with a relative calm. My husband and I were shocked with the ease of the delivery. I don’t read too much into this – I don’t think she will be the world easiest child by any means but I believe that God was smiling on us and blessed us with a much less stressful experience.

I’ve had little time to post pictures, but don’t worry I’ve taken many. I know that it is a little belated, but I thought I would start by sharing some of her first pictures before we jump to current. Enjoy!

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  1. Bill Shields says:

    So this is what you’ve been doing since WaMu! Congratulations!

    I’ve often wanted to track you down and talk soccer, especially when my boys from Real Salt Lake took the MLS Cup in your backyard.

    I hope all is well. From the looks of your pictures you’ve moved on nicely from our banking debacle.

    Take care!


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