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Notting Hill

We were really looking forward to strolling around with the kids through different parts of London. Something about taking in a city just by walking and observing really appeals to me. But with a five and a three year old you never really know how that is going to work. Our thought was that if we had plenty of food options and allowed them to be silly, curious and hyper kids when the opportunity presented itself then we could make it through outing. And, I am happy to report that it was a success. Here is a taste of our day strolling through Notting Hill. Enjoy!



When I was a kid, the first thing I ever saved my money for was a red and silver prince tennis racket. It was a beauty… I loved it. And I believed that it would be my first step to the top of the tennis world. As is with most things… I tried and while I loved tennis it was not destined to be my future. That didn’t mean I stopped enjoying tennis. So being this close and watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon I had to take a tour. If you are ever in the area… take the tour! Not only is Wimbledon a nice place to explore walking the grounds of the Wimbledon Championships is a treat. There is history oozing out of the grounds and it is easy to be swept up in it.

The Underground

My daughters excitement while waiting for a train. Both the kids found the underground subway system to be fun and entertaining.


When researching London my husband came across Greenwich. The opportunity to straddle the Prime Meridian was just too good to pass up. Also, it was such a fun day trip and part of London to explore. The fastest and most fun way to get there was to take a boat down the river. The kids found this fun and it was nice to get a different vantage point to see the city. We highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the area.


Enjoying the boat ride

The Prime Meridian

Tower Bridge

Our little lady fell asleep before we could get there which was a bit of a bummer, but the rest of us thought it was a great site to visit.

The Tower of London

When I first visited London I can remember finding The Tower of London to be fascinating. So, I was super excited to see what my husband and kids reaction. We told our daughter that she would be able to see the Queen’s crown, and to my son we let him know that he would get to see knights armor. Oh man, I was not disappointed. With the two kids and a stroller we weren’t able to get into every nook and cranny of the tower – it was hot, and kids get tired when traveling over all the uneven pathways. Heck, my feet get sore too. The crown jewels were a hit as was the armor. An unexpected find for my son was walking the exterior, up high around the Tower where he got to see where the knights would place themselves to shoot arrows at any approaching enemies. Our daughter thought the horses armor was interesting and she enjoyed dancing around the room in the armory (White Tower) to the music like she was a princess.


Catching a cab

While we pretty much rode the tube or walked the streets to get to all the sites there were moments when riding in a taxi was really just going to save our sanity, our feet, and provided a nice change of pace for the kids. One of the great things about the cabs was that we literally rolled the stroller in and didn’t have to get our daughter out. While I don’t know if it was the safest thing it definitely made getting in and out of cabs on busy streets much less stressful.

More Westminster

It’s been pretty warm our entire trip through Europe and the blue skies presented a beautiful backdrop to seeing the Abbey. Some images as we walked around. No pictures are allowed within the building – and let me tell you they are strict about it. We saw them asking people to delete pictures from cameras and phones at both the Abbey & the Tower of London when viewing the Crown Jewels.

Westminster Abbey

I still remember the first time I visited Westminster. Loved it! It is approachable yet awe inspiring. I love places that hold so much history. Please take note of my kids faces when they first were looking at it from the outside. Needless to say, they found the place to be fascinating. Who says a five and a three year old can’t appreciate this stuff?!?! My son wanted me to read each and every plaque whether it was on the wall or the floor. And our daughter enjoyed the architecture and the decorative tombs. We all enjoyed getting to view the coronation chair. A great visit for the whole family.

Looking for the Queen

So my daughter was pretty certain that she would be able to see the Queen. Well when we went to the palace and meeting her didn’t happen she just explained to me that the Queen was hungry and eating lunch and that’s why we wouldn’t be able to see her. Totally makes sense…

Horse Guards Parade

I find horses beautiful – I just don’t like to get too close. :) Watching the changing of the Queens Guard was really fun. The kids found the ceremony of it very interesting. And honestly it’s hard not to get caught up in the pageantry of the ceremony. We learned that the Queen’s Life Guard is the mounted guard at the entrance to the Horse Guards. Horse Guards is the official main entrance to both St. James’ Palace and Buckingham Palace.  Two images from the Horse Guards Parade. Enjoy!

Look Kids…

Big Ben, Parliament! Yep, we were cliche tourists and we loved each second of it. There is something stunning about Big Ben. And I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly. But my husband thinks it might be because it always looks like it is sparkling. He could be correct – it is massive, and beautiful but there is something else to it that is also eye catching. We are definitely the typical family with the two kids in tow who never really want to get their picture taken, and when we do stop to snap a photo it is rare and highly unlikely that both kids will be looking in the same direction, let alone at the camera. Oh well, it is my life and I love it.



So my husband and I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids to Europe for a few weeks. An epic trip. Epic family travel. We’ve been here a handful of days and it’s been great. Not gonna sugar coat it – jet lag is rough with kids. They just really don’t want to hear their parents tell them to just power through it. I’m hoping to share images as much as I can. Our first stop is London and we spend the first days exploring the neighborhoods and checking out local parks. Our daughter found a lovely spot to watch fish and ducks – she would’ve stayed all day. Living in the northwest has it’s beauty for sure, not much beats the site of the water and the mountain ranges. But, as we wander the uneven sidewalks and take in the quirky, character filled homes and streets we have found that we are captured by this beauty as well. Additionally we spotted Big Ben… kids found that especially cool.

This wonderful weather

Pretty sure I was made to live in this area of the world. Me and this weather are tight, I’m talking like this (please picture fingers overlapped). When people complain about too little sun, no high temps, the rain, cold, clouds, or grey skies I get bothered. I love the wetness, and the grey. It provides me with options of either snuggling with a cup of something warm and a good book, or the chance to give my boots a workout. And whether it is cold or warm – a clear day in the Seattle area is by far one of the most beautiful places to be in the world. Now, while I say this I also think that sometimes a change in scenery is grand. So with the weather being so cold right now I thought it would be a great time to post pictures of my family vacation to Maui this summer. The warm ocean air, splashing in the water with my kids, drinks with umbrellas and snorkeling with my husband. On these cold days, just glancing at these pictures make me feel a little warmer. I hope you enjoy both the pictures and this wonderful winter chill!

Maui 2010 0020

Maui 2010 1272

Maui 2010 0739

Maui 2010 1031Maui 2010 1030

Maui 2010 1006Maui 2010 0929