A little one

My husband’s high school friend was recently blessed with a little girl. The family already enjoyed a rambunctious little boy so the addition of a sweet baby girl seemed pretty perfect. I met up with the family to take some pics of their two adorable children. The little girl wasn’t in the mood to laugh at my jokes, or even close her eyes for long. She either didn’t trust me or was super curious as to what was going on because most of the shoot she kept one eye open to check me out. Either way she was absolutely adorable. So much fun to meet the sweet little girl just weeks before my husband and I welcome our very own little girl into the world. I am looking forward to family pictures this summer! Thank you guys for letting me spend some of your Saturday with you. You’ve got two great kiddos who I know bring you tons of love and laughter. Happy and healthy wishes for you!

Don’t these pictures just make you wish that someone could toss you in the air just high enough to feel like you were flying for a moment. Pure Joy. :)

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